My camera accessories

The Sundries amongst My Camera Equipment

In my previous two posts, I told you about the Canon T2i camera body and the Canon 100mm macro lens that I use to take all my macro photos. I have a fair amount of other pieces of equipment that I use less often (or never, to date). Like some of the options on my camera, I often forget they’re there, much less how or why or when to use some of them.

Note that as of this writing, I do not yet own a tripod. I used to have a heavy, clunky Manfrotto, but I sold it. I hope to have a much better tripod in the near future. When (not if) I get one, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

So, here’s a look at what else I currently own.


Canon flash and attachments

A while ago, I bought a Canon 430EX III-RT flash. It came with a diffuser and an orange-ish color screen. It’s a very nice gadget, but I haven’t had as much need or opportunity to use it so far as I thought I might.

I think some of the other accessories, like the cleaning equipment and light controllers, may have come in the same bundle. I really don’t remember. Good thing it doesn’t matter.

Canon flash screen and settings buttons

There is a display on the flash itself that you can use to control how the flash does its thing. I’ve never played around with them much. When I have used the flash, I’ve just left it set to automatic, or as close to that concept as you can get.

This flash package also came with a nice case. Unfortunately not everything fits inside. At least, I haven’t found a way to get the white diffuser in there. It might fit into that side-bag where I currently keep the orange piece, but I dunno….

Flash case(s)

Light Control

Reflector and filters

The larger, silver reflector in the center of the picture above is white on the other side, as you’ll see below. I tried using this once and got a completely washed-out image. I guess I don’t understand how to use it properly yet. I need to play around with it some more to learn how it’s supposed to work.

Reflector, white side up and closeup of filters

The two circular filters (sorry about the lack of focus) I bought years ago. The “circular PL” filter on the right I keep attached to my macro lens, mainly to keep the lens itself protected. The filter is supposed to polarize the light. I rarely pay attention to that.

The other one is an ultraviolet (UV) filter. I don’t think I’ve ever used it, at least, not recently.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies for my Canon camera

I know for certain I’ve only used one of these cleaners one time. I took the large bulbous gadget in hand once to blow air at the sensor inside my camera. I don’t think it did much. My camera auto-cleans the sensor every time I shut it off.

By the way, this is not that squeezy thing you used to stick up your baby’s nose. Don’t use it that way!

I also know for certain that I haven’t used the spray bottle, the soft brush, or the cleaning cloth ever. They came along with some other purchase, so I don’t feel like I wasted any money on them. Well, maybe a few pennies.


I’m not sure where I got the (cracked) shoe on the left. It’s made of plastic and is not nearly so high quickly as the metal one on the right. I probably should just throw the cracked one away.

I probably should also know when these are needed, but I don’t offhand. For now, the metal one stays in the flash case (above).

Power and Storage

Battery and SD card

I have an extra battery for my camera. When the one I’m currently using gets low on power (as shown on the camera’s display), I swap it out for this one that is fully charged. (Obviously I must have a charger, but I forgot to take a picture of it and don’t feel like digging it out right now. You’re not really missing anything.)

The SD card is also a backup. I don’t think I’ve ever used it, nor have I come close to needing to use it. The one inside my camera now is the same 16GB size. When I move pictures from the card to my computer, they are deleted from the card. (I know…that’s not the safest method. I like to live dangerously.) So, I always have a full 16GB of space when I start shooting.


Lens covers

From left to right…

The first one stays on the lens I’m not using at the time. It protects the lens that’s just sitting on the table or shelf, whether that’s my macro or my zoom lens.

The second one I’ve never used. I’m not even certain what it attaches to.

The last one is always on the lens attached to my camera, when I’m not shooting, of course.

Manuals and Tissues

Canon manuals and tissues

I’ve read my camera manual several times. I remember the important stuff. I’m glad it’s there as a reference guide.

I’ve probably read the flash manual once. I’ll likely read it again the next time I want to use the flash.

The tissue paper is still a full pack. (I know it aligns better with the cleaning supplies above, but it looks more like a manual.)

Camera and Accessories Case

Camera case

The case is probably my most valued accessory. As I recall, it came with the camera. I’m sure I didn’t purchase it separately. I take it on all trips and use it to store some of the accessories shown above.

Camera case left sideCamera case right side
Camera case backCamera case inside

As you can see, it has an abundance of pockets. I keep the recharger in the front. The circular side pockets are good for filters and covers. Manuals go in the back pocket. The mesh pocket in the top flap houses the battery, SD card, brush, and spray bottle. When I’m not toting the camera itself inside, the squeezy bulb goes in there.

If I had a shoulder strap, I could attach it to the rings. Lacking a strap, I usually just leave the bag in the car and carry the camera around my neck using the strap that I do have for that purpose.

Now, about that tripod….