Testing My Tripod One Angle at a Time

One of the cool things my new tripod can do is work at (right) angles. I pull the center column all the way up, release a lever, and tip the column over to whatever angle I want. Today I set it parallel to the ground – actually, the table or the floor in this case.

This is the first time I’ve tried “angle photography”. (I don’t think that’s really a phrase that photographers use.) It’s also the first time I extended the legs of my VEO 3+ tripod. I first tried just extending one segment on each leg, but that left the camera too close to the table. Extending them to their full length worked just fine. I found it easy both to extend and retract the segments with one hand (while the other hand carried the weight of the tripod), as opposed to laying the whole thing on its side and using two hands to work the segments.

I wanted to take a shot of a penny that we found outside on the sidewalk several days ago. As you can see below, this coin is pretty much the definition of “seen better days”.

Not-so-shiny penny

That’s the heads side. Lincoln’s head really is on there somewhere. I know because I could see the Lincoln Memorial on the other side. There’s a date and other words there too, but….