About Us

We at Big Little Pix are two.

We’re a pair, one plus one, one less than three, a duo, twain (not Shania or Mark), two of a kind.

We work together because we both like (macro) photography and are both at roughly the same stage in our discovery of it.

We live in different sections of the United States…but enough about us as a team. You want to know about each of us as an individual, one, one plus zero, one less than two…sorry.

See what each of us thinks of ourselves below. After you get to know us, we’d be honored to know more about you in return.

About Gary Sonnenberg

Gary Sonnenberg

Hi there! I’m Gary. I’ve been taking macro photos since about 2018, but I still consider myself a beginner as of [insert current year here].

I have a Canon T2i and a “Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm 1:2.8 USM”. At least, that’s what it tells me about itself.

I do more than take macro pictures all day. No, really. Truth be told, there are many days I forget to take any pictures at all. [hangs head in shame]

Out of college back in 1982, (Go ahead; do the math. You’ll probably be one year off.) I was a Lutheran elementary school teacher. Then I became a COBOL programmer. Now I work at affiliate marketing. Yeah, I’m still trying to figure it all out.

For fun, besides taking pictures, I like to play designer (aka Euro) board games – most of which you’ve probably never heard of. I also like to read real paper books, especially scifi and fantasy. (Got any suggestions?)

My wife and I live in Wisconsin. We have three grown children and three grandchildren. One of the children, his wife, and one of our granddaughters used to live in the same city as Carrie. (See below.) That’s kinda sorta how Carrie and I found out we both like (macro) photography.

I’ll stop there and let Carrie tell you more.

About Carrie Gaffney

Hmm, where to begin. Well, I’ve been taking pictures since I was in grade school. You know… back when 35mm was the only option. It was never really a passion or even a hobby; I just liked being able to capture an item, a person, or an event so I could remember the thing later.

In college I got my first 4 megapixel (gasp – the clarity!) digital camera, and a part-time job working at a local photography studio. The magic of digital photography, I learned, was the immediacy of the display combined with the seemingly unlimited amount of shots you could take until you “got a good one.” During this time I grew to really enjoy taking pictures of animals and things in nature.

Next, I got an iPhone (swoon). I’ve been through several iterations of this marvelous device and I still use it to document most of life’s small moments. I’ve experimented with close-up food photography, some infant photography, and landscapes. I’d had DSLR dreams, but just couldn’t justify the purchase. 

In late February 2020, a friend of mine upgraded to a new camera and gifted me her Nikon D3300. I’d made a promise to myself I would make the time to learn to use this device. Little did I know that I’d have months of “Coronavirus Quarantine Time” to learn and practice using my new tool.

I’ve recently developed a love of macro photography…figuring out how to make a big impact from the smallest of details is so captivating. I’m new to this, but I love it and I’m so excited to learn.

Originally a midwestern girl, I now reside in South Carolina. My day job is that of a Technology & Math Coach in an elementary school, which keeps me pretty busy. In my down time, my favorite hobbies include being outside, traveling, reading, and playing board games. (This last one is mostly thanks to Gary’s son and daughter-in-law.) No matter what I’m doing, you can count on the fact that I’ll be trying to capture as much as I can.